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Why partner with us?

Since its inception in 2017, the Return and Earn scheme has helped the state of New South Wales significantly. The program directly benefits  the environment and the general public.
There are many benefits of partnering with Payless Pickup Return & Earn, here are some important reasons:

What We Offer

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Our collection process focuses primarily on collecting domestic eligible containers from your front door. This eliminates the trouble of waiting in lines for refunds. So that you can spend your time on more important things.

Litter Reduction

The main purpose is to protect our environment from constant littering. About 40% of beverage containers sold in NSW are retrieved and recycled quickly thanks to our program. We have collected over 600 million eligible containers so far. The impact of such litter reduction is undeniable

Job Creation in the Community

As new return points start, new employment opportunities are created. Container collection, over-the-counter activities, and other logistics-related jobs all require manpower.

Encourages Public Involvement

Our mission is to raise public awareness and encourage people to make charitable giving a habit. We assist the people of NSW in saving the environment and reducing waste by collecting your containers.

Our Commitment

Harry’s Payless Return & Earn honours your responsible action by rewarding your contribution in saving the environment.

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