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As we step into the New Year in New South Wales, our community isn’t just chalking up resolutions, but looking forward to a more sustainable future for our environment. Despite the global challenges that have knocked recycling around a bit, we’re at an important juncture where we can all pitch in and make a real difference. Think of it as a call to action that’s as determined as those early risers catching the first waves at dawn.

NSW Return and Earn, Harry's Return and earn

The recent recycling issues are a wake-up call for all of us. Instead of seeing them as a setback, let’s view them as a chance to get innovative and put in the hard work. It’s an invitation for every one of us to play a part, allowing us to strengthen our local recycling system.

Take the expansion of the Return and Earn scheme, for example. It’s a standout initiative that not only provides accessible drop-off points but also rewards us for participating. This scheme is already making a dent by keeping heaps of drink containers out of landfills. And it’s clear that success depends on us—the community—getting involved.


For big wins with programs like Return and Earn, everyone needs to chip in. It’s about doing right by our beautiful local environments and also snagging those financial benefits. While not a magic fix for all our recycling needs, partnerships between the government, businesses, and consumers are key to pushing forward.

Just like keeping up with personal fitness goals, our commitment to recycling will accumulate to make a noticeable difference in our communities. Each responsible choice, like recycling a glass bottle or returning containers for a deposit, adds up.


This effort is about more than convenience; it’s about the rewarding feeling we get from doing our part for a larger cause. From the recent tough times, we’ve learned that we’re all in this together, and a sustainable future relies on collective action. Whether it’s washing out a plastic container before pitching it into the recycling bin or engaging with new ways to reduce waste, each action matters.

The poet Bei Dao said we are always “one brushstroke short of completion.” It’s a nudge to keep going, pressing us to add our own mark to the ongoing effort of crafting a waste-free society. Success comes from resilience, and in this case, the landscape of NSW will continue to improve with each small step we take.

bottle and can recycle

Heading into this New Year, let’s focus our efforts on projects that drive us toward a brighter tomorrow. Let hope not be just a feeling, but a catalyst for action. May all our small acts in favor of the environment come together to form an impressive win for the beautiful state we call home—a work of art always in progress and looking better by the day.

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