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Across NSW, countless eligible beverage containers end up as unsightly litter, harming our environment and communities. Luckily, Harry’s Return and Earn program makes recycling these containers convenient and rewarding. Let’s delve into the environmental impact of recycling and how Harry’s program empowers you to make a difference.

The Problem: Waste and Resource Depletion


NSW generates over 54,000 tonnes of eligible beverage containers annually, many ending up in landfills or polluting our beautiful spaces. This waste poses threats to wildlife, pollutes waterways, and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, producing new containers requires significant resources like aluminum, glass, and plastic, depleting our finite reserves.

The Solution: Recycling with Harry’s Return and Earn


Harry’s Return and Earn program accepts a wide range of eligible beverage containers:


Drink bottles: Plastic, glass, and aluminum bottles between 150ml and 3L (with lids on).

Cans: Aluminum cans of any size used for soft drinks, beer, juices, etc.

Cartons: Eligible gable-topped and Tetra Pak cartons (check the container checker tool for details).

By recycling these containers, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future in several ways:

Reduced Landfills: Harry’s program diverts over 2.8 billion containers annually from landfills, minimizing their environmental impact.

Resource Conservation: Recycling aluminum saves up to 95% of energy, while glass recycling conserves sand and other raw materials. This translates to a smaller environmental footprint.

Cleaner Communities: Every recycled container keeps our streets, parks, and beaches cleaner for everyone to enjoy.

Join the Movement: Recycle with Harry’s Return and Earn Today!

Participating in Harry’s program is simple and rewarding:


Collect eligible containers: Ensure they’re clean, uncrushed, and have their labels attached.

Find a collection point: Choose from over 5,000 depots statewide or schedule a convenient home pick-up service.

Earn rewards: Receive 10c refund per container or donate it to a worthy cause.

Remember, every recycled container counts! Visit Harry’s Return and Earn website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about accepted containers, locate collection points, and start making a positive impact today. Together, we can create a cleaner and greener NSW for generations to come.


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