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Harry’s Return & Earn Partners with Inclusive Skating

At Harry’s Return & Earn, we’re proud to announce our partnership with Inclusive Skating, a distinguished charity dedicated to promoting inclusivity in ice skating. Through our container collection service, we’re championing a cause that not only aligns with our commitment to social responsibility but also empowers individuals with diverse abilities to experience the joy of ice skating.

HRE Ice Skating

Inclusive Skating’s mission resonates deeply with our values at Harry’s Return & Earn. By providing tailored events, activities, and training programs, they ensure that everyone, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to participate in the magic of ice skating. We recognize the transformative power of such experiences and are honored to support Inclusive Skating in their endeavors.

Through our container collection service, we’re not only promoting environmental sustainability but also directly contributing to the funding of Inclusive Skating’s programs. A portion of the proceeds from every container collected goes towards supporting their initiatives, enabling them to reach more differently abled individuals and create a more inclusive ice skating community.

Hre Ice Skating

We invite our customers and community members to join us in this meaningful endeavor:

  • Participate: Utilize our container collection service to recycle your containers and contribute to the funding of Inclusive Skating’s programs. Every container collected makes a difference.

  • Spread the Word: Share the news of our partnership with Inclusive Skating and encourage others to get involved. Together, we can amplify the impact of our collective efforts.

  • Support Inclusive Skating: Learn more about Inclusive Skating’s programs and initiatives, and consider additional ways to support their mission, whether through volunteering or donations.


At Harry’s Return & Earn, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. Our partnership with Inclusive Skating is a testament to this belief, demonstrating how businesses can play a vital role in promoting inclusivity and creating opportunities for all. Together, we’re advancing ice inclusion and creating a more inclusive future for everyone.

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